What is Therapeutic Supervised Visitation?

DAZ's Therapeutic Supervised Visitation program (TSV) is similar to

a traditional supervised or monitored visit

between a parent and a child, except that two Master's Level therapists

are involved in supervising and guiding the visit.


Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV) provides structured, interactive guidance

on the parent-child relationship, with a focus on

positive parenting education and skills,

the relationship between parent and child,

and on helping the child cope with the changes in his or her family.


GOALS of Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

To provide a protected visitation and a therapeutic intervention between the child and the parent

so that the child benefits as much as possible from the contact

To assist the child and his or her family in maintaining or re-establishing relationships that are

healthy and safe for the child

To assist the child in the transition to a different family structure, while providing

for the safety of the child

To provide custody evaluators and treatment professionals with supplemental information

for custody, visitation and treatment planning

To make sure that the guidelines set by the court or referral agency are followed

and submit progress reports and recommendations to the referral source as required.

TSV is not confidential. Therapist-client privilege does not apply.




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